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We are the only company that is selling chef-crafted marinated Heirloom pasture raised chicken.
We only marinate Heirloom Chicken, raised on pasture. We only use our own chef made, all natural marinades. We maximize flavor and nutritional quality by prioritizing animal welfare and regenerative farming. Our chicken is oven ready, easy to cook and extraordinarily delicious.

Breed is everything. While 99% of chickens in America’s food system are industrial breeds, we only source authentic, slow-growing Heirloom bred chickens that are raised on pasture. Our Heirloom chickens are naturally better from the start because breed is where flavor begins. When we prioritize breed, we instantly improve flavor and nutritional value. 

We initially chose our Heirloom chickens because they taste better than any chicken we had ever eaten. But the benefits of raising and eating Heirloom pasture raised chickens goes beyond flavor. Our chickens are raised in concert with Mother Nature for sustainability and improved nutritional quality, as well as tender, juicy and flavorful chicken every time. 

Real chicken. Real Good.

Regenerative farming is an environmentally conscious approach to raising animals and growing crops. Farmers use methods approved by Mother Nature like, allowing animals to graze, using solar energy to heat and cool, composting waste and turning it into fuel and natural fertilization. Regenerative ranching and farming is especially critical in these times of altered and rapidly changing weather systems. At Pasture Project, we support companies that use regenerative practices to improve the quality and sustainability of pasture lands while also improving the health and well being of the animals, and ultimately the taste and quality of their/our meats.

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No. Better than Organic. Our ranchers raise healthy heirloom bred chicks, not the industrialized standard breed chickens that grow fatter faster for many unhealthy reasons. Our heirloom chickens are healthy from the start, they are raised on pasture where they peck, play and eat their natural grubby diet, and receive additional all natural NON GMO feed.

Spatchcock is just a funny word for a whole chicken that has had the backbone removed (aka butterflied) so it lies flat for easy, even cooking. There is more surface area exposed to fire so the skin cooks up shatteringly crisp while the meat stays juicy.  If there’s a better way to cook a whole chicken, we haven’t found it yet. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to say spatchcock.

We freeze our chicken to preserve freshness and overall quality. 

We want to be sure you receive your Heirloom marinated chicken with no concerns about transit time or exposure so we use a special vacuum pack with extra protection and strength for freezing and travel. And since most people buy lots of our chicken and put it right into the freezer, it just makes more sense to freeze on our end and thaw on yours. Your frozen Heirloom chicken will taste exactly the same as one that has not been frozen.

Since our Heirloom chickens get to roam, peck, eat and live a healthy natural slow growth life, and receive NO antibiotics or hormone supplements, they freeze beautifully. 


Once an order is processed, it cannot be canceled. Pasture Project reserves the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason. If your order is canceled, you will be notified and fully refunded. Please reach out to us at with any questions.

Our products are perishable, so we do not accept returns. If you have any issues with your order, please reach out to us at


Orders up to $180:

  • Ground: $15/order for orders shipped to CA, NV, AZ, UT
  • 1-2 Day Air: $29/order for orders shipped to the rest of the US except AK & HI
  • 2 Day Air: $59/order for orders shipped to AK, HI

Orders up to $181-$398:

  • Ground: $15/order for orders shipped to CA, NV, AZ, UT
  • 1-2 Day Air: $49/order for orders shipped to the rest of the US except AK & HI
  • 2 Day Air: $89/order for orders shipped to AK, HI

Orders over $399:

  • Ground: $25/order for orders shipped to CA, NV, AZ, UT
  • 1-2 Day Air: $69/order for orders shipped to the rest of the US except AK & HI
  • 2 Day Air: $119/order for orders shipped to AK, HI

We ship orders every Tuesday (order cutoff time is Monday at 10:00 AM PDT) via UPS with a 1-2 day transit time.

You do not need to be home at the time of delivery. However, please monitor your emails for delivery notifications so that the box is not left on a hot doorstep for an extended period of time.

All of our chicken is USDA inspected and vacuum sealed in high quality packaging. Orders are shipped frozen in curbside recyclable insulated boxes with frozen gel packs and dry ice (which may be gone by the time you receive your order). This will keep your order at a safe temperature for at least 48 hours. 

If there is dry ice in your box when it arrives, do not touch it with your bare hands, and leave it in an open area until it disappears. Your chicken will arrive frozen (solid) or partly frozen. Be sure to refrigerate or freeze your chicken as soon as it arrives.

RECYCLE! All of our packaging is curbside recyclable.


Frozen Heirloom chickens will last at least 6 months in the freezer - no problem. Once thawed our Heirloom, air-chilled chickens will stay fresh in the refrigerator for 1 week, with no issue at all. It can also be refrozen! (Other chicken has a 1-3 day shelf life in the fridge at best)

In accordance with USDA Food Safety Guidelines, meats that are refrigerator cold, partly frozen, or frozen can be placed into the refrigerator or freezer for use later. We pack your frozen chicken with ice packs and dry ice for safe travel. Meats may begin to thaw (especially breast packs) but they should arrive frozen, partially frozen or cold to the touch and ready to go into the freezer or fridge. If you have questions or concerns contact us at

Discard meat and contact us at We will make it right, right away.


Be sure to thaw chicken fully before cooking. Click here for full cooking instructions and additional cooking tips. Step-by-step cooking instructions are also listed on the back of each package.


Our chicken is currently stocked in Los Angeles at: Gjusta Grocer, Farmshop, Nonna Mercato, Grow DTLA, and Vicente Foods.

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